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Our Mission

At J&J Enterprise Holdings, we are committed to protecting, cultivating, and growing the financial net worth of our company and its owners through self-sustainable investments and honest and transparent business practices centered around open communication and reliable follow-up. We create jobs through unique opportunities and remain involved and aware of our team and continually recognize the contribution and importance of each client, partner and employee.

About Us

J&J Enterprise Holdings was formed to organize the businesses that the owners, Jaramie and Judd, had created. They sought out to establish businesses that were self-sustainable, honest, and reliable. Since then, they've formed several businesses and have over 40 employees.


Jaramie Magera

Jaramie is the owner and manager of J&J Enterprise Holdings. Jaramie grew up in Rigby, Idaho. He has six children and one grandchild. Jaramie has a passion for hunting, enjoys boating, and spending time with his wife and family.


Judd Ball

Judd is an owner of J&J Enterprise Holdings. He grew up in Annis, Idaho, and is the father to three children. He enjoys fishing and hunting.

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